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Dale Woolridge has spoken on the topic “Organizing a Mass Uprising” at the annual conventions of the Young Americans for Liberty and the Students for Liberty.”

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Field Manual: Organizing a Mass Uprising

Dale Woolridge is developing a how-to field manual for organizing a mass uprising.



Dale Woolridge creates works of art using both traditional and digital tools. Prints of some if his works can be ordered at http://DaleWoolridge.imagekind.com/.

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Since 1993

Introduction to Me

Hi, I’m Dale Woolridge. I live in a woodland home in central Pennsylvania and I am an artist and a solutionary libertarian activist. As a student of rebellion I co-founded the Action for Liberty project. Based on my research I am now writing a how-to manual about organizing a mass uprising.

I have a scientifically oriented PhD in social psychology and much experience in managing systems analysis projects, especially studies to evaluate the effectiveness of government programs for mentally ill or mentally retarded people, prison inmates, and other special populations. I have taught college courses in psychology.

I have also supervised the development, security, and auditing of information systems, and served as a data administrator.


Next Steps...

There are times when people get fed up with the restrictions, the arrogance, the bureaucracy.... Then they band together and rise up, and they sometimes, somehow, get some of the things they demand. It happens a lot.

You could, of course, just sit back and hope things will get better, but you know in your gut they won’t. So why not act now? You might even change the world, as the people in the picture did. You’ll need a little how-to information and that’s why we’re here. When you’re ready, answer the call.